Generic API


In order to support integration by external parties, the Code R&E app sports an API to be used my merchants and third parties to send and receive updates on RMA requests.

A technical implementation guide can be found here. Together with the Swagger API and the OpenAPI docs this should guide you through the first steps of integrating with the Code R&E Generic API.

In Flow

The API supports a flow into the R&E app. Currently one event is supported as a message to the R&E app: received. This can be used by 3PLs or shipping companies to let the app known that the item is received at the warehouse and the merchant can process the RMA.

Out Flow

The API also supports notifying third parties of state changes. This functionality is implemented using webhooks. The merchant or a third party can integrate by allowing the R&E to send messages to a specific URL when an RMA goes from one state to another. This can be useful to notify a 3PL of incoming items, or to track statistics outside of Shopify and the app.

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