Pricing Code Returns & Exchanges


The Exchange & Return app has the following pricing model:

  • Every 30 days a recurring fee of $45
  • For each Return a usage charge is created for $ 0.05
  • For each Exchange a usage charge is created based on 5% of the products in the Exchange order.

Invoicing is done through Shopify and will be done in USD.

Free trial

The app has a free trial of 30 days. In these 30 days you can try the app for free. If you are not satisfied with the app you can uninstall the app within these 30 days without being charged.

Note that we take into account earlier installations in the calculation of the trial days.

Development stores

For Development stores the app is free of charges. As soon as the app moves to a paid plan in Shopify the app will stop working. You will have to open the app in the Shopify Admin where you will be redirected to the Billing plan. After you approved this you can use the app again (no data is lost in between).

How is a Usage Charge calculated?

The exchange usage charge is calculated in the currency that is used in the Shopify store and at the end converted to USD.

Shopify stores for each order the price in the Shop currency, but also in USD. Based on these details an exchange rate is made on order level. That means that the Exchange rate valid at the moment the initial order was made is used to create a usage charge.


  • An order with 4 products was created in Shopify for the amount of € 366.00 by a customer. Shopify added the price in USD in the order data of $ 402.94
  • The customer chooses to make an Exchange for a couple of products
    • 2 products are exchanged
    • The products that the customer wants in return are both priced € 79.00
    • The exchange value is € 158.00
  • When the merchants handles the request a usage charge is created based on this.

First we have to calculate the Exchange rate:

  • 402.94 / 366 = 1.10 (USD Price divided by the EUR Price)
  • That means that at the moment the order was created for € 1 you would get $ 1.10.

Then we get 5% of the € 158.00 = € 7.90. Finally we apply the exchange rate of 1.10 on it: $ 8.69.

So for this request a usage charge of $ 8.69 was created. That is recorded as:
"Exchange usage fee for <<Request ID>>: 5% over 158 EUR (rate: 1 EUR = 1.1 USD)"

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