Handling requests


When customers made requests they will have to be handled by the merchant in order to make a refund to the customer or create the exchange order.

There are a few ways how requests can be handled:

  • Individually on the detail page / pane
  • In bulk on the Request overview page
  • Manually in Shopify

Handle individually

When opening the app you will have to navigate to 'Requests'. You can open each request in either a detail page or a slide out pane.

If you want to open the detail page you will have to click on the Return link. The rest of the row will open the slide out pane.


Basically it works the same if you open the request in the detail pane or detail page


The detail pane has four buttons in the top and the detail page also has the same buttons.

  1. Handle & Process: This will handle the request as requested by the customer.
    The amount listed under "Total amount to refund" is refunded to the customer and / or the exchange order is created in Shopify. If an additional payment is needed the customer will receive an email with a payment link.
  2. Mark as Processed: This will mark the request as handled, but will not process the request.
    This can be used if you want to handle the request manually, for instance when the customer changed his / her mind and wants to do something else then submitted. You can handle the 
  3. Flag / Mark the Request: This will put a flag on the request so you can recognise it later.
    This will also prevent that the request is handled in bulk
  4. Download the label: You can download the label again on request of your customer




Auto processing

You can automatically proces requests by enabling the autopilot on the Labels & Returns overview page. All requests that with status returned will be processed automatically. Any request that were flagged won't be processed automatically.


Handle in bulk

You can handle requests in bulk on the Requests overview page. You can select the requests you want to handle and press the green "Handle and process return' button.

This has the same function as the blue button in the detail page / pane. The "Mark as Processed" equals the green button on the detail page / pane.


You can only select a request if:

  • It is not completed yet
  • It it not marked with a flag
  • It is not having an error

Handle manually

You can choose to handle a request manually, for instance if:

  • You want to refund another amount then the app suggests
  • You want to change the request in such a way that it cannot be handled anymore by the app

Then we suggest to handle the request manually (do a manual refund; create a new order) in Shopify and use the 'Mark as processed' to ensure that no-one else handles the request.

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