Configure Exchange and Return settings


When you install the app some presets are configured for you:

  • Return window: 30 days
  • Out of Inventory Threshold: 10
  • Allow more expensive exchanges: Disabled

Below we will describe what each option does and how it affect the operation of the app.

Return window

This is how long you want to allow that people can exchange or return an order (partially). The customer can see the calculated date in the Customer Interface. 

The number of days that you fill in here are stacked on top of the first fulfilment

So as an example. The order below was placed on March 24 2022, also fulfilled that day. The Return window is 30 days. That makes it April 23 2022 (30 days added to March 24 2022).


When the return window has expired the customer will see a clear message on that


Out of Inventory Threshold

When an exchange order is made. We create a 'Draft order' for this in the background. Unfortunately it is not possible to reserve these items for the app. So there is a risk that an item might go out of stock before the request is handled.

To give a little bit more breathing space here we added a threshold for this.

The app checks when looking for an exchange product to the actual inventory level. With the use of this threshold you can rule out items with a low inventory level.

It works simple. If the threshold says 10 it works like this:

  • Inventory level is 12 -> Item is available in the app
  • Inventory level is 10 -> Item is available in the app
  • Inventory level is 8 -> Item is not available in the app

The item will be unavailable and a clear message is shown to the customer.


Allow more expensive exchanges

This option is straightforward. This allows additional payments on Exchange orders.

Normally you accept exchange orders for equally or lower priced articles so the customer does not have to pay extra for it. Just to keep it easy for the customer.

When enabling this option we accept all exchanges (lower, equally, higher priced).

When higher priced the workflow is as follows:

  • Customer requests an exchange for a higher priced item
  • Once the merchant processes the request an email is send to the customer with a link to pay the open amount. This is a Shopify checkout so the customer pays with the Payment Gateways of your shop.
  • Once paid the order is finally created and can be fulfilled by you or your 3PL.
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