Customer Interface: Basic information


The general information block in the Customer Interface sections will update basic settings for the Customer Interface.

App Title

This is shown as Browser title when customers open the app.

App Language

This is the language that is used in the Customer Interface. For now we support 4 languages:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • German
  • French

It is possible to make custom adjustments to certain texts. Please contact us on and we can make the change on our side for your Customer Interface

Support email address

This address is shown in the footer, this is also used as "Reply-To" address when the app transmits emails to your customers. Customers might ask you questions on this email address so it is important that you monitor this mailbox.

URL for Customers

This is the URL where your customers can submit a new request. On request we can connect a subdomain within the domain of your company. Please contact us on so we can help you out with this. Ensure you can adjust DNS settings for the domain before contacting us.

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