Customer Interface: Branding


After installing the app you have access to a Customer Interface. In here your customers can register their exchanges and returns.

This interface can be branded towards your brand. In the admin you will have to navigate to 'Settings' > 'Customer Interface'.

Below is shown how changes in here will have visual impact.


  • The background image is having a little black overlay to make the texts and logo more readable
  • The logo should have a transparant background and light (a dark text is not readable)


  • The background color is also placed as actual background color but because there is an image there you don't see it (you can see the background image when using an Tablet or Phone and scroll down the page, then the background color shows up)


  • The secondary color is used for the 'pills' after completing the wizard for a product


  • The product background color is used for the background on product images that are non-square or (partially) transparent. Images are fitted into a square box. If the image is not square the color set here will be used as a background color. Generally you want to set this color to the same value as the background of your product images.
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