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Below we have listed the Frequently Asked Questions with regards to the Exchanges and Returns app.

A request was flagged in the Admin, what do I have to do?

A flag means that there is something not 100% correct in the request. Might be a comment placed by the customer or something else. It will prevent you from handling this request in bulk. You will have to check the request in detail and if you don't see anything blocking you can process the request.

A request is marked as error, what do I have to do?

An error should usually only occur when working with 3rd party integrations. It might be possible that because of a small network glitch a process is not handled immediately. But then it will be retried. Please check the timeline if that is the case. If you have doubts on this please contact us on support@code.nl or via the chat.

Can I setup the Customer Interface that is accessible through an internal domain?

Standard the customer interface is located within a domain of us. But it is possible to connect an own subdomain as entry point for the customer interface. Please contact support@code.nl and we can inform you how to do the setup of this.

Can I test the app for free on a development store?

Yes, we made the app "Partner friendly" which will say that you can install the app on a development store. As long as the store is in development state the app remains for free. When the store is updated to a paid plan you will have to enable billing for the app. When you open the app after the store upgrade you will be redirected to the payment page of Shopify for this.

Can I connect my 3PL to the app so that they handle returned items?

Yes, this is possible. We can make a connection with several 3PL's on request. Please contact support@code.nl and we can see what we can do to accommodate this.

Can I process requests in bulk?

From the 'Requests' page you can process requests in bulk. All requests that were not flagged, errored or out of return window can be processed in bulk.

Can I connect a 3rd party Label provider so I can provide their return labels?

Yes, we can connect 3rd party label providers on request. Please contact support@code.nl and we can see what we can do to accommodate this.

How can I set the return window?

When you open the app you will have to navigate to 'Settings' > 'General'. In the top you can set the Return window. This is calculated from the first fulfilment that is made on the order.

How can I resolve the error: "One or more products from your order can't be returned or exchanged due to a technical issue" ?

This error pops up when one or more products from the order are not listed in the "Code Returns & Exchanges" Sales channel.
You have to open admin and ensure that "Code Returns & Exchanges" is enabled as Sales Channel for the products listed in the error. Once updated the error disappears and the products will become available (might take a minute).
In general it is advisable to enable the Sales channel for All your products to avoid this.

How can I send emails from my own email address from the app?

You will have to create a Postmark account for this and configure it so you send emails from your own account. Note that this is a paid service. Please contact support@code.nl and we can enable this feature for your store and help you out with the template setup.

How does the app work if a discounted item was exchanged?

The app allows to exchange for the original amount. So if the original price was € 79 and a discount code was applied with 10% discount. The € 79 is the Exchange amount (the discount remains with the customer on exchange). Note that this only works in when the discount was applied through the Shopify discount mechanism.

How does the app work if a discounted item was returned?

The app will then refund the amount that was paid for the article. The app does not see a Compare At Price as discount. Note that this only works in when the discount was applied through the Shopify discount mechanism.

How do I uninstall the app?

Because the app is a Sales Channel it is not listed in the 'Apps' section. If you want to delete the app you will have to navigate to 'Settings' > 'Sales channels'. In here you can remove the app from your Shopify store.

Is it possible to exchange for a more expensive item?

Yes, you will have to enable this in the settings (as it is not enabled by default). You will have to navigate in the app to 'Settings' > 'General' and enable the checkbox that says "Allow more expensive exchanges". The customer will receive an email with the request to pay the open amount after the request was processed.

What happens if a customer exchanges for an item that is cheaper?

When handing this request the Exchange is send with a new order and the remainder in money is refunded to your customer. So if the customer returns an item of € 99 and wants an item of € 79 a total of € 20 is refunded when you handle the request.

Why are not all Exchange options shown when I try to create a new request?

The options are only shown when the 'Tag' matches your 'returning' product. When the product that is returned does not have any match on the 'Tag' filters none of these options are shown.
When having a 'Collection' option it will always be shown. For more information on how this works please refer to this article.

Why are the statistics not updated when I make a new request?

The statistics are updated every 30 minutes, so after max 30 minutes your request should reflect into the statistics.

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