How the app works


The app provides an effective way for customers and merchants to deal with Exchanges and Returns from Shopify.

When a customer wants to exchange one or more items of an order it can simply log-in into the app. Select which products are send back and which ones needs to be returned.

As merchant you can open the submitted request and handle it once the goods are received.

This article shows how the app works after it has been installed. It is also possible to implement:

  • A 3rd party label provider
  • A connection with your Fulfillment company so they mark the requests as received

If you are interested in this, please contact us on and we can investigate the possibilities.

How does it work for the Customer?

The customer is able to register a return or exchange request in a user friendly Customer Interface that is connected with the Shopify Store.

Log in

The look and feel of this interface can be adjusted in the Admin Interface by the merchant.


The customer can login with the Order Number and the Postal Code that belongs to the order. The order number is the identifier as shown in the detail page and used in all communication to the customer (see below).


Overview of products in the order

The customer will then be logged in and will see the ordered products. Each block will represent one item. So if multiple quantities of a product were ordered they show up as separate entries.

If any discount was applied the customer can see that here as well.


Exchange or Return an item

The customer can click on an item if it needs to be exchanged or returned. A wizard will pop-up then where the customer is guided through the process. The app asks for:

  • Which option (Return or Exchange)
    • If exchange a new product can be selected as substitute and the size

      (note that inventory levels are taken into account; once something is sold out, it cannot be selected anymore)

  • A reason of returning

  • The product wizard has been completed for this product

The customer will have to do this for each product it wants to return.

Once the customer he or she can go to the next step where an overview is shown of what needs to be send back and what is shipped to the consumer in return (if applicable). Also if a refund is needed to be made the customer can see it in this screen.



When the customer agrees the request can be finalised:customer-interface-10.png


The customer will then also receive an email with the return label attached into it. As well with the return instructions as also shown above.


How does it work for the Merchant?

The merchant can log-in directly. It is visible as menu option in the Shopify Admin Panel under the apps as: "Code Returns & Exchanges".

Once the app is opened you will see some interesting statistics that helps you to understand how the app gains more revenue for your store. You see the total amount of orders, requests but most important: How much money you did not had to refund because of an exchange.



Handle a request

In order to handle a request you can navigate to 'Requests' and lookup the request that you will handle. You can open the request but if you feel comfortable you can also handle them directly in bulk here:


When handling the requests individually you can check the details of the request and press the "Handle and process return" button. This will:

  • Perform any refunds on the right order(s) if required
  • Creates a new order for the Exchange


You can see in the Timeline if everything went well, but in case of an error the whole request is marked as 'error'. You will see this immediately as these requests are highlighted (red) in your overview.


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