Managing Exchange and Return options


Once you have installed the Exchanges & Return app you can start right away with submitting your first Exchange or Return request. 

On installation the app already has 3 options to get you started:

  • Exchange for another variant (cannot be removed)
  • Exchange for another color
  • Return and Refund (cannot be removed)

These are the options your customer will see when submitting a request through the Customer interface. Note that below you miss "Exchange for another color". This is related to tags assigned to products and we will come back on that.


Exchange for another variant

This will grab all the variants of the returning product so that your customer can pick another variant as substitute. This can be very convenient when you're selling Fashion products and your variants are all the different sizes.

You can change the label text in the Admin Interface (Settings > General). In the example of size you can make this: "Exchange for another size" for instance.


This option is only shown when the returning product is configured as a product with options (and therefore can contain more than 1 variant).

Return and Refund

This will send the customer directly to the Reasons form where a return reason can be selected. The product is now marked as 'To be returned'.

Set up Exchange options

You can add as many Exchange options as you want in the Admin interface. They will function as filters for the products that the app will show in the step afterwards. There are 2 sub options possible in here:

  • Filter: Tag
  • Filter: Collection

We will explain them below and how they differ.

Exchange options: Tag filter

The most straightforward filter that we have is the Tag filter. It does the following in order to show / not show the options:

  1. Looking up the Tags attached on the Product that is selected to Exchange (so this is in the original order)
  2. The app then checks for each tag if there is an entry configured in the App
  3. If the tag was found the option is shown to the customer. 
  4. Once the customer clicks the option a new step in the wizard comes up and products with this same tag attached are loaded as Exchange options. After selecting the exchange product the variant of choice can be chosen by the customer.

You are able to put similar colors together, or products in the same style or fashion. 

It is not strange to get several "Exchange for another color" entries in your overview if they have different tags configured.

Exchange options: Collection filter

When you choose for the 'Collection' filter you are able to make a list of collections that will be shown in the app. For instance with the label "Exchange for another product".

The filtering of this works the same as for the Tag filtering. As customer you get an extra step in the wizard where you have to select the 'collection' of your choice. After selecting a collection it will fold out and show the products in the collection.

Below how this looks






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