How to setup different rates per country


Within the Pickup Point app you can setup a flat rate when the Pickup option is chosen. However in some cases you want to set-up a different rate when you ship to another country.

Within Shopify you can set-up an additional handling fee in these circumstances.

These are the steps you will have to perform in order to achieve this:

  1. In the app put in the lowest value as shipping rate
  2. Navigate to the Shipping settings
    1. Create a new Shipping Zone and select the country where you want a higher shipping rate
    2. Make sure you add the Calculated Rate 'Pickup Points' for this Shipping Zone.
    3. Click on the Edit rate button, there you can add an additional handling fee

    4. When you are done you will see the difference in the overview. This handling fee is appended to the fee that is set in the app.

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