Install the snippets


To make sure that the Identity Switcher is able to function you will have to install and configure some liquid snippets in your current theme.

  1. In the Identity Switcher admin you will have to click the "Install snippets" link. This might take some moments. The app will then include some liquid files into your current active theme.
  2. Once this has been completed you will have to navigate to your theme (Online Store, In the Live Theme choose for "Actions" and "Edit code"
  3. You will have to add 2 includes in the "theme.liquid" file. This file is located in the "Layout" folder
  4. Add in the head section, right above the closing head tag:
    {% include 'identity-switcher_head' %}
    Right below the opening body tag, add this include:
    {% include 'identity-switcher_open-customers-listing' %}


  5. Make sure you save the changes and then you are done.
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