Connect with Exact Online and configure Division


When you have installed the application you will have to pick the billing option of your choice. In this case it depends on your Exact Online description.

When the app is installed and billing is enabled you can set-up the connection with Exact Online. Go to the settings page and follow the steps below. In case you want to use 1 Exact Online administration account please check the paragraph for Connect multiple shops with a single Exact Online account below.

Connect one shop with a single Exact Online account

  • Go to the settings window
  • Click on 'Generate new', a popup window will open
  • Enter your Exact Online credentials
  • Approve the consent window of Exact Online
  • After some moments you will see that the connection was succeed. Then you can continue with configuring the app

Connect multiple shops with a single Exact Online account

  • For the first connection you can follow the steps for connecting a single shop.
  • For all the other webshops you will have to copy and paste the Customer ID value and Token value and paste it manually in the field for the other installations.
  • This will connect the shop to the same Exact Online account as your first shop.
  • You will have to configure the division and other settings per shop
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