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Within the connector it is possible to setup Tax rules per shipping country. Note that the Tax settings in Shopify are not the same as in Exact Online. You will have to connect your shipping countries to their VAT code configured in Exact Online. 

This can be found in the Exact Online Connector Admin. Navigate to the Settings. Scroll down to the 'Country specific settings'. Depending on your subscription you will see the Country specific Tax settings and the Ledger Account settings (only in Accounting).

Default setting

If you have a setting that applies to almost all countries. You can do this setup in the default. When adding a country it will work as an override. So if a country is not configured. The default setting is applied. In the example below it is configured on VAT Code 4.


Add countries

Choose the Edit option to add or remove countries. You can add per country a VAT Code. Based on the shipping address country the VAT code is selected when the order is processed with Exact Online.


Some examples based on the screenshot above:

  • An order comes in with a shipping address in The Netherlands. The applied VAT code is 4
  • An order comes in with an invoice address in The Netherlands but the shipping address is in Belgium. Then VAT Code 9 is applied
  • An order comes in with a shipping address in the USA. VAT code 0 is applied

Configure VAT codes in Exact Online

Within Exact Online you can go to the Master Data (click on your company division in the upper left corner) and click Masterdata (in Dutch: Stamgegevens).

Then click on VAT Codes in the Taxes section. There you can setup the VAT Codes which you can use in the Shopify Exact Online Connector. Below an example.


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