Shopify - Exact Online Connector

CODE is a Shopify Plus partner since 2018.
Therefore we have developed an application to connect your Shopify shop to Exact Online.
Shopify Partner

The application contains the following functionalities: 

  • Create sales orders
  • Create sales invoices (8020)
  • Create stock movements
  • Create credit note invoice (8023)

In order to have a complete picture additional data is being collected in Exact Online as well:

  • Create Item
    When an article does not exist in Exact Online and a new sales order / sales invoice comes in 
  • Create / update Customer
    When a customer does not exist in Exact Online and a new sales order / sales invoice comes in 

How does it work?

When you install the application several processes are installed on your Shopify shop so the app is able to collect data from Shopify.

During the first launch you will have to grant the app to access your Exact Online account. From that moment the app is fully connected with both Shopify and Exact Online.

All Shopify plans are supported. We support these Exact Online company types:

  • Exact Online Accounting Essentials
  • Exact Online Accounting Plus
  • Exact Online Accounting Professional
  • Exact Online Wholesale Distribution Basic
  • Exact Online Wholesale Distribution Advanced
  • Exact Online Wholesale Distribution Premium

Pricing plans

At this moment we only provide both the Accounting and Wholesale distribution integration.

€ 15 /month
Wholesale Distribution
€ 25 /month
Create Sales Order -  
Create Sales Invoice    
Create Direct Sales Invoice -  
Create Items
(when order comes in)
Create Customer
(when order comes in)
Create Inventory Mutation -  
Create credit Sales Invoice    

Last update: August 6, 2019

How do I install the app? 

The app can be installed from the Shopify App store. When you have chosen for a paid plan the charge is performed by Shopify. It will end up on your creditcard invoice.

Install the app through the Shopify App Store.
(this link can become active when approved by Exact Online and Shopify)

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