In-Store Pick-up


The Pick-up Point app provides, besides Pick-up on a service point, also the possibility to Pick-up the order in a store. Therefore no additional credentials are needed.

Set-up In-store Pick-up

In order to set-up the In-store option you will have to open the Admin back-end in your Shopify Admin and navigate to the Pick-up Point app.

You will have to open the Setup screen of the In-Store Pick-up points.


Setup and add stores

Fill in the general settings, save these settings and add some stores that you want to use as In-Store Pickup points.

Enable In-Store Pickup

Make sure that you enable the In-Store Pickup option (see screenshot below)


See the In-Store in checkout

Make a testorder in your store, in the Shipping Method section you will notice that your option will show-up. The stores are listed in alphabetic order on Store name.



If you have questions regarding this functionality. Feel free to send us a support request or drop your comment below.



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