Working with 3rd party fulfillments


Extra attention is required when your fulfillments are automatically handled by a 3rd party. You will have to double check with your 3rd party whether they can work with the Pick-up points app or not.

The Pick-up point app makes an adjustment to the Shopify order after the order is placed. Only when the Pick-up option is chosen by your customer.
Your fulfilment party needs to be aware on updates on the order in the first minutes after the order has been placed. The Pick-up point app listens to the `orders/create` webhook that Shopify fires when an order gets created. Please ask with your 3rd party fulfiller that they are able to handle updates on an order. Normally the order gets updated a few moments after it was placed.

There is a mechanism in place that places a tag on orders when the adjustment has been made. This tag is adjustable in the Shopify admin (see below)

Note that this tag is only placed when the Pick-up Point Shipping method was chosen.



Recognise the Shipping Method

In the Shopify Admin is possible to set the Shipping code (see below). This can be used by fulfilment parties to recognise the Pick-up Point shipping method.


The fulfiller can obtain this from the JSON object in the order. It can be found under `shipping_lines`. The first argument contains an element named `code` (see below)


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