Obtaining a PostNL API Key


In order to use the Pick-up Point application you will have to obtain a PostNL API Key. Therfore you'll need a subscription at the Dutch postal service PostNL.

You will have to fill in the API Key into the designated field in the Shopify App Admin. Make sure you have an API key that is suitable to use with the Locations API and that the key is Production state.

You can verify this in the PostNL API Manager. Login with the credentials obtained from PostNL and click on the "Show API's" link. In the API Details sections you should see "Location" in the column API Name. Please consult PostNL when this is not the case.

Add the PostNL API Key into the App

  1. Navigate to the Apps section in your Shopify Admin
  2. Open the Pick-Up Points application
  3. Click on the "Setup PostNL pick-up points" button
  4. Fill in the obtained API key and save the form


Common problems

Check in the PostNL Api Manager whether you have access to the Production API. Below you can see how you can recognise whether you're on the correct API.

  1. Check the endpoint. This should start with https://api.postnl.nl. When it shows https://api-sandbox.postnl.nl/ you will have to contact PostNL and ask them to put the API in production state
  2. Check if the 'Location' API is listed within the Shipping | Delivery Options | Track and Trace list.


In case it is still not working, please contact us and we will help you as soon as possible. 


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